Let Rockaway Nissan Help You Enjoy the Full Value of an Oil Change

It doesn't matter if you're driving in a brand-new car or an aging road favorite. Every vehicle running on the road today has a common need: fresh oil.

While it's common for drivers from Elmont, Brooklyn, and Nassau County to try and go as long as they can between oil changes, the truth is that fresh oil is one of the best things you can get for your car. A simple oil change can provide a wide array of benefits. The service team at Rockaway Nissan would love the opportunity to show you just how an oil change can benefit your vehicle.

Why Do I Need to Get an Oil Change

You don't just get an oil change to get rid of a pesky dashboard warning. You get an oil change because it's something your vehicle needs to thrive. The oil in your engine is responsible for two critical needs: lubrication and coolant.

Because of that, fresh oil can deliver a range of valuable benefits:

  • Oil helps slow the wear and tear of your vehicle's various moving parts.
  • Oil helps to keep the components of your car cool while they're in operation.
  • Fresh oil helps you save in the long run by minimizing the potential of costly breakdowns.

What Kind of Oil Does my Nissan Need?

    Every vehicle, whether it's made by Nissan or someone else entirely, has its own unique oil needs. When you come to the service team at Rockaway Nissan, we can help you find the right oil for your vehicle and the conditions you're driving in. We'll check your oil level and change your oil so you can keep driving the roads of Long Island with no problem!

    Don't wait! Schedule your oil change appointment at our onsite service center today. Our new Nissan Inwood area dealership serves drivers in Valley Stream, NY and more.