When Your Nissan Needs Brake Service, Bring it in to Rockaway Nissan

The brakes of your Nissan are among the most crucial components for your safety, so it is essential to have them maintained on a routine basis. Your Nissan brakes are made up of an intricate series of parts, which kick into gear the second your foot hits the gas pedal. Almost every part of your Nissan's brake system will wear out eventually, so when you need brake service in Long Island, bring your car, truck, or SUV into Rockaway Nissan in Inwood, NY. We are less than an hour outside of Brooklyn, NY, and have service financing if needed.

The Right Brakes for Nissans in One Place

Brakes for Nissans work the same as those of any other vehicle. When you step on the brakes at a stop sign in Elmont, the pedal activates a master cylinder connected to the brake fluid reservoir under the hood. The brake rotors and master cylinder send brake fluid down the lines where it is applied to the pads, while the calipers apply friction to the pads to slow down the vehicle. Every so often, this intricate series of parts must be cared for and maintained, which typically begins with the brake fluid and pads as these parts see the most action as you drive.

Your Nissan's owner's manual will have a complete estimate of around what points each brake component will need replacement. To better preserve the lifespan of your brakes, you can take steps to ensure the brakes are used as infrequently as possible, such as avoiding bumper-to-bumper traffic and "riding" the brakes by keeping your foot on the pedal. You should also keep in mind the signs your brakes may need repair:

  • Burning smell when brakes are applied
  • Brake pedal soft/spongy when pushed
  • Strange noises from brakes- squealing, screeching, knocking, etc.
  • Dashboard warning lights: "BRAKE" or "ABS" (antilock braking system)

Save on Nissan Brake Service

When you need new brakes in Inwood, NY, or just routine brake service, we encourage you to check out our monthly service coupons. Each month, Long Island, New York shoppers from Queens to Nassau County can take advantage of great deals on the services their car needs, including brakes for Nissans.

Get Nissan Brakes in Inwood, NY

When your Nissan needs new brakes, get the right genuine Nissan parts and approved fluids here at Rockaway Nissan. You will find us at 600 Burnside Avenue, with our Nissan service center located on-site at our dealership, and less than 20 minutes outside Valley Stream, NY. Schedule an appointment and visit us today!