The Right Service for Your Nissan Battery in Inwood, NY

Every Nissan, whether gas, hybrid, or electric, has a battery or batteries that provide an essential service for functionality. The engine/electric motor and battery work in harmony to keep the vehicle, and all its electronic devices, powered. Most batteries for Nissan internal-combustion vehicles will last from three to five years, though hybrid/electric car batteries are designed to last longer. When you need new batteries or Nissan battery service, schedule an appointment with our service center at Rockaway Nissan. Our service center is here at 600 Burnside Avenue, just 40 minutes outside of Queens, NY, and we have service financing if needed.

A Critical Component for Your Nissan

The batteries of gas-powered Nissan models tend to last between three to five years. To best preserve the lifespan of your battery, Valley Stream customers can schedule an appointment for routine testing and maintenance. Our technicians will clean the battery housing unit and ensure the car's adapters remain free from corrosion. If you drive a Nissan LEAF hatchback it's battery has a lifespan of 10 years, since this component gets charged by the engine as you drive. Ordinary gas-powered vehicles typically use an alternator to switch to switch between gas and battery power, but do not put a charge back in the battery.

As your Nissan's battery wears out, you will notice its diminished power in many ways as you drive through Nassau County, NY. Keep in mind the following signs your battery needs replacement:

  • Battery warning light
  • Diminished headlight brightness
  • Vehicle shutdowns/fails to start
  • Engine slow or sluggish to accelerate

Save on Nissan Battery Service

Each month, shoppers near the Elmont area can find service coupons on Nissan parts, like a battery, in Inwood, NY. Our service coupons often provide great savings for Nissan battery service and we typically have parts coupons for replacements as needed. If you see a special you can use, claim it before the special offer expires.

Get Nissan Batteries Here

Customers all throughout Long Island can take advantage of our deals at our Nissan service center and get the right batteries for their Nissan here in Inwood, NY. Schedule a service appointment and visit Rockaway Nissan today. We are less than a 15-mile drive outside of Brooklyn, NY and we hope to see you soon!