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Nissan owners often feel thrilled they purchased one of the company's models. The Sentra, Altima, Maxima, Pathfinder, Kicks, and the Rogue represent top vehicles displaying the manufacturer's name. Of course, drivers need to take care of their Nissans, and Rockaway Nissan makes it easy to schedule auto service.

Helping You Schedule Nissan Service

Our auto service department wants to help you keep your car in great shape. The team handles routine maintenance and major or minor repairs. Call the offices and speak to a representative or use the online booking system. Schedule Nissan repair work in your preferred way.

Full Service Repair Center

At Rockaway Nissan, you can schedule Nissan repair and maintenance for all issues that need attention in today's vehicles. At Rockaway Nissan, we do it all! Find these services for great prices too with our service coupons.

Oil Changes

Among the most basic and essential steps to take regarding car care is an oil change. Fresh motor fluid keeps the engine lubricated and could even contribute to better fuel economy. You do want the best oil with the right viscosity level for your particular model. Let our team provide a swift and efficient oil and filter change.

An oil change opens the door for other inspections. A multi-point inspection focusing on checking the engine, battery, the windshield wiper blades, lights, and more.

Tire Inspections and Replacements

Use and age wear down tires, leading to their eventual replacement. Within six years, your Nissan will likely be due for tire replacements. Our Valley Stream area team could assist with choosing the best tires for your budget. We have access to a great range of different tires.

Our team can also check the tire air pressure and inspect its condition. We'll find out about treadwear and psi while looking to see if there are any blisters, cracks, or leaks.

Schedule tire rotation on Long Island service every six months. Rotating the tires cuts down on uneven treadwear and extends the life of the tires. Expect better performance and handling when wear remains even.

Brake Service

Rotating the tires becomes a good time to check the brakes, as well. Having brake inspections done when you notice problems also proves advisable. As with tires, brakes wear out over time. Let out team check the entire brake system to see if any repair work is necessary. Sometimes, significant replacement work becomes necessary. Brooklyn area drivers will want to schedule car repair work on your brakes without delay due to the safety issues involved.

Nissan Transmission Service

Among the most common reasons why Queens area owners run into transmission trouble is driving on old and dirty fluid. Schedule a time to request a transmission flush or replacement. We can check the fluid during other routine visits, as well.

Sometimes, transmission problems occur even when you keep the fluid clean. Is your transmission slipping or suffering from other issues? We handle transmission repair requests, so don't hesitate to call.

Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses don't last forever. At a certain mileage or age point, replacing them may prove unavoidable. Hoses could suffer from leaks or become loose. Belts may snap if you drive on them when they are worn out. So, don't delay scheduling a time for our Nassau County team to perform the work.

Review the Owner's Manual

When you have any questions about the routine service a Nissan requires or about Nissan parts and when, please review the owner's manual. Following the time and mileage suggestions for maintenance might keep the car running well.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Request auto service appointment scheduling the way you prefer. Book over the phone or online, and do so right away. Don't worry about the fees that come with repairing your car as service financing is available! Our Elmont area team handles different service requests and stands by ready to work on your Nissan.