Don't Worry About a Down Payment: Put $0 Down on a New Car

Explore The Deal of a Lifetime: No Money Down Financing at Rockaway Nissan

There are times where life is unfair. We're human; we've been there. Financing a vehicle is not an easy decision, and internal probing into credit history can decide someone's eligibility for a fair APR or even a car alone. Our Nissan dealership understands life, and we're here to provide Inwood drivers with an amazing deal - No Money Down Financing - because our car dealership works with bad credit, low budgets, and any financing situation you have.

What Is No Money Down Financing?

No Money Down Financing is an attractive option, allowing Elmont drivers to begin the process of obtaining their vehicle with zero money down. Considering credit history and other reports go into the calculation of a down payment, our dealership tries to bring a level of fairness into the equation.

Benefits and Drawbacks of No Money Down Financing

A major benefit to this type of financing, is that it provides additional room for Brooklyn drivers' budgets. Instead of putting a payment down and financing the vehicle; our no money down program allows you to finance the entire purchase. This means, negotiation fees, total price, dealership fees, tax, and other fees associated with the dealership process.

Another obvious benefit is that this type of financing grants Brooklyn drivers the option of driving the vehicle off the lot without any money on hand, making it a great option if you need a vehicle in a short amount of time. It also makes the car purchase considerably cheaper in the short term, considering the money that you might have used for the down payment can be used toward something else.

Check out our dealership for exclusive deals on amazing new vehicles and consider submitting our easy-to-use and secure financing application. These rates are dependent on your finance path however, so working with our finance specialists will help our dealership find the best possible rate for your unique situation.

Now, this is a great deal after proper research has been done, and there are disadvantages to the deal. Here are some disadvantages of not putting money down:

  • Higher Interest Rates - Higher interest rates usually couple with No Money Down Financing. This could be due to a low credit score or a negative loan-to-value ratio. Either way, Queens drivers should expect a higher payment.
  • Upside-down Car Loan - Becoming upside-down on your car loan comes from a combination of depreciation and paying off your vehicle. If you try to trade your vehicle too soon, it's value may not be high enough to provide a good trade value.
  • Higher Monthly Payment - Due to the lack of a down payment and a higher interest rate, it could be difficult to manage a higher monthly payment. Therefore, we suggest consulting with our finance experts before making a final decision.
  • More Interest Over Time - Without a down payment, your interest rate will likely accumulate faster making the monthly rate expensive.


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Valley Stream customers, are you excited about No Money Down Financing? Give us a call or visit us in person and we'll answer any additional questions you might have. We offer similar financing programs to keep you from high monthly payments like our Nissan vehicle exchange program. We look forward to helping Long Island passengers take advantage of the car financing program that will work best for their budget.