What to do when you're ready to return your lease...

  • Contact Rockaway Nissan
  • Gather vehicle information: Year, Make, Model, Months Remaining on Current Lease, Existing Mileage

  • Decide if you want to lease again or return and walk away
  • Even if you didn't lease from us, you can still turn your lease into our Nissan dealership

A Guide For The Next Steps To Take Once Your Nissan Lease Ends

After driving a Nissan leased vehicle for a couple of years, you may be facing the end of your lease agreement. If the process of returning the vehicle to our Nissan dealership is confusing to you, here is a breakdown of the three available options.

Low Monthly Payments

Start A New Lease

During the time that you carried out your Nissan lease around Inwood, you may have loved the way the agreement worked. Getting to drive a beautiful new vehicle with less to pay each month is a great bonus. Now that you are coming to the end of the contract, you can turn in the leased car and start another arrangement with a newer Nissan model.

Get started by reminding yourself why you started leasing in the first place. This will help you feel secure about starting it over again. For example, you have enjoyed the latest Nissan features as well as lower monthly payments. Also, you get to benefit from the manufacturer's warranty and any other perks you acquired like oil changes and other basic maintenance.

From there, review your contract to remind yourself of the terms that you agreed to. Typically, our Nissan dealership near Brooklyn will start reaching out to you within the last couple of months so we can assist you in any way with your next steps. We can arrange an inspection of the vehicle and discuss the disposition fee that comes at the end of the lease.

Fortunately, if you are taking out another lease with us, we can discuss Nissan incentives or deals that save you a bit of money in Queens. Then, we will get you into the latest Nissan car, truck, or SUV right away.

Lease Equity

Return And Walk Away

Throughout the time that you used your leased vehicle, you may have enjoyed it but realized that you didn't want to start a new Nissan lease. There can be many reasons for this, and you'll have a few actions to take before walking away. For instance, you will have the disposition fee to pay. Also, costs if you went over your agreed mileage limit or incurred excessive wear and tear on the vehicle.

However, there is an additional benefit that you should consider before moving on. In your situation, you may have taken great care of your Nissan and driven fewer miles than your contract allowed. Because of that, you could have generated equity in the vehicle. This means that the vehicle is worth more than the value we predicted it would be at. This doesn't necessarily mean that you will get cashback, but you may be able to use the lease equity for lower payments on another lease agreement. This can be way more beneficial than walking away.

On the opposite end, if you may have felt restricted by the mileage limits throughout your lease. If starting over with a brand new car every few years is what you are looking for, but with more freedom to move around, we can help. There may be a high-mileage contract that is more appealing to you in the Nassau County.



Purchase The Vehicle

While driving your Nissan, you may have realized that you would like to keep it long term. Or, at the end of your lease, you could learn that the vehicle is worth more than you thought it would be. Purchasing it at this point can be a great financial decision even if your only plan is to resell it in the Valley Stream, NY area.

Another financial benefit you can get from purchasing the vehicle is to prevent yourself from losing out on tremendous fees. If you exceeded the mileage limits or caused extensive damage to the car, it may be cheaper to purchase the vehicle rather than paying for those costs. Either way, we can get started on helping you run the numbers to decide.

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