Low Payment Nissan Lease Options

Low Payment Lease Deals Available at Rockaway Nissan

Leasing a new Nissan is a great way for shoppers to enjoy the latest vehicle, with some of the latest technology, for a low monthly rate. Here at Roca Nissan, our low payment lease options help to sweeten the deal by giving you the same new car at a monthly payment that can often be lower than one can typically find in auto loan contracts. You will often find these great lease deals available on some of the top Nissan models we have here in Inwood, NY, including the Altima, Sentra, and Rogue Sport. Visit our Nissan lease center today to learn more about our low payment deals here on Long Island, NY. Shoppers will find Rockaway Nissan conveniently located less than a half-hour outside of Queens, NY.

Advantages of Leasing a New Nissan

If this is your first time leasing a new car, you might be wondering about what other benefits one can find from these deals, apart from their low costs. Leasing a new Nissan has several key advantages including:

Short-Term Convenience: Lease contracts are an ideal choice for drivers in areas like Elmont, NY that have shorter commutes and take infrequent road trips. These contracts typically last between 24 and 36 months, son you never have to get tied down into a long-term payment plan. Even without our deals, lease payments tend to be lower than financing payments as you are only covering part of the overall vehicle cost. With financing, you're paying off the total cost of the vehicle as you go.

Warranty Coverage: Since Nissan lease contracts usually cut off after 36 months, your vehicle will remain covered under all of its factory-backed warranties. As long as you visit a Nissan service center like ours for repairs, you will enjoy comprehensive coverage for as long as your contract lasts, making repairs and routine care more cost-effective.

Upgrades: After your lease contract ends, you can return the lease to our dealership for a final inspection and pick out another new car when the vehicle passes. Leasing is a great way to ensures you always get to drive through Nassau County, NY in the newest Nissan with the latest technology.

Top Nissan Models Available for Low-Payment Lease Deals

Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima remains one of the top midsize sedans on the market and one of few non-luxury cars available with all-wheel-drive. The smooth performance and comfortable seats of the Altima give it an easy-going nature ensuring it can be driven by any person of any driving skill set. Today's Altima sedans offer a full selection of standard driver-assist safety features through the Nissan Safety Shield 360. Many of these high-tech safety features might cost extra on many other vehicles on the market today.

Nissan Sentra

The Sentra is another iconic choice from the Nissan brand. Like the Altima, the Sentra also offers a comfortable drive for you, your copilot, and spectators in the backseat. The latest Sentra sedans offer a refined interior design, styled with high-quality materials, giving it the look and feel of a luxury sedan for an economy sedan's price. As with most new Nissan models, the Sentra comes standard with a wide selection of driver-assist safety features that help prevent accidents on the city streets in Queens, NY.

Nissan Rogue Sport

If you're thinking of taking a trip outside the city to Hook Creek Park near Valley Stream, the Nissan Rogue Sport is a great vehicle to have your back. The Rogue Sport is a flexible choice with lots of available cargo space and a compact size, giving it lots of maneuverability even on the city streets. Shoppers can find plenty of standard and available technologies to make the drive easier, convenient, and more fun.

Lease a New Nissan Today

We invite you to visit Rockaway Nissan in Inwood, NY to learn more about our low payment lease options for new cars. If you have further questions about Nissan leasing, you can contact us directly here in Long Island, or check out our leasing FAQs. We look forward to working with you!