Before you come down to take that first test drive, here at Rockway Nissan, it is imperative that you think about your financing options as the right knowledge will help you know exactly what you are getting into. Here at our dealership in Inwood, NY, we have a fantastic solution to help you drive the vehicle you enjoy at a convenient and affordable price: a new Nissan lease in Nassau County. Leasing a new Nissan, here in Nassau County, is a great way to enjoy the Nissan models you might be interested in without being tied down to a long-term loan agreement as you would with financing, since most Nissan lease agreements last for about two to three years. Let us show you all that a Nissan lease can do to benefit you and your budget here at Rockaway Nissan! Our dealership is located right here in the heart of Nassau County at 600 Burnside Avenue in Inwood, NY.

Save and Drive!

When you sign a lease contract here at Rockaway Nissan in Nassau County, you are entering into an agreement to drive the new Nissan model you want for a set period of time at a set period of miles While in a lease agreement, you still pay monthly installments, in addition to the down payment upon signing, though you will find that the short-term costs are much lower as you are not paying to own the vehicle, but paying a percentage of the vehicle's overall worth. Once the Nissan lease agreement is almost complete, you have a couple of choices for how to proceed:

  1. Return the Vehicle: Whether or not you pick out a new vehicle is your choice, but once the lease agreement is finished, the vehicle must be returned in the condition it was issued in, minus the normal wear-and-tear. Our service center mechanics will perform an assessment before the vehicle is returned.
  2. Return and Choose Another Vehicle: This is another fantastic benefit from a Nissan lease agreement. If you decide to stick with our dealership, but wish to try out another new Nissan model, all you have to do is return the leased vehicle, according to the lease terms and conditions, and pick out a new Nissan model to begin a new Nissan lease agreement in Nassau County.
  3. Buy the Car: Many people consider this option if they find themselves attached to the new Nissan model they leased here at Rockaway Nissan. If you choose to purchase the vehicle, then let us know and our finance center representatives can give you a few options to choose from where auto loans are concerned.

Get Started Financing Today!

If you are still on the fence about financing or leasing and would like more information, take a look at our financial comparison. Otherwise, schedule a test drive and come see us here at Rockaway Nissan in Inwood, NY to get started with a new Nissan lease agreement today! We look forward to working with you!

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